Direct mail

USA (domestic) mailing
USA (domestic) mailing

USA (domestic) mailing

International (Non-USA) mailing
International (Non-USA) mailing

International (Non-USA) mailing

Address mailing advertising - direct mail


Minimum order quantity- from 500 letters.

Delivery to the recipient to the mailbox without a signature.

Low price of departure

Inability to track mailing

Impossibility of assurance of address lists of the sender by FSUE "Russian Post"

from 1.99 USD


Minimum order quantity- from 500 letters.

Delivery to the addressee of the signature on the list.

The mailing rate is almost two times higher than that of ordinary mail.

The ability to track mailing

Compilation and certification by the stamp of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post" address lists of the sender

from 1.99 USD

BSPost in Moscow offers its services for conducting targeted mailings to customers interested in promoting their services and products. Among the advantages of the mailing list (direct mail) is the ability to select an audience for various parameters and an affordable price.

Delivery of informational or advertising materials directly to the addresses of legal entities and individuals is a demanded service that, with the proper organization of the process, yields noticeable results. Direct mail from our company is a number of advantages:

Affordable cost of services.

Restriction of the territory for the organization of address distribution.

Guaranteed direct contact with the audience.

The ability to use various forms of presentation of materials and design solutions for the design of the mailing list of letters and advertising (direct mail).

Confidentiality guaranteed.

The relevance of the information in the address mailing direct-mail, so that the recipient can keep the materials for later use.

Different approaches to customer service.


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